I was a reader long before I was a writer, and nowadays, I keep up with several blogs: some are friends, some are strangers, and some I found while wandering down a cyber-rabbit-hole. They're profound, quirky, talented, and all have created a virtual space that is authentic and laced with grace. I hope you enjoy their space as much as I do.

Hannah Brencher

Do yourself a favor and go buy her book. Immediately. You're welcome. With a writing style that is uniquely hers, Hannah writes with transparency about this Jesus life. My heart resonates with so much of her writing, and I'm sure yours will, too.

The Art in Life

I stumbled across this blog from a post someone had shared, and soon discovered that it's author lived in the same city as me! Hannah has a penchant for writing her mind about Jesus, food, and primary colors, and when she posts about DC eats, my mouth waters.


If you haven't subscribed to Jordan's blog, you should! This girl writes with gumption and humility, a rare breed. Her stories and reflections have a way of making your heart fist-pump that it's not the only one who feels that way. Also, her awkwardness makes me feel better about mine.

Life Lived Beautifully

In my too-busy life, I struggle to find moments with Jesus on the day-to-day. This is what Gretchen often writes about, and I'm so grateful-- her writings make me look at weary moments with a newfound view, something I'm sure all of us could use at some point.

Kaitlyn Bouchillon

I admit, I only recently found this graced space, and my heart is glad. Kaitlyn believes everyone's story matters, and I urge you to read hers-- your eyes will go wide. Oh, and she just published her first book, which I just ordered.

Keep on Rowland

A blog that has home renovations AND awesome life things? WHAT. I can't help myself, I have home-envy. Also, Anna is an awesome writer-- just in case you need to check for yourself, find your way here.