hi, sweet friend.

I used to think I wanted to change the world, but I’ve changed my mind. I’d much rather just change one heart. So, to you, sweet soul, this space is for you. No matter who you are, no matter where you’ve been, this space is for you. You matter here.

our (sorta) meet-cute

our (sorta) meet-cute


Exactly two weeks after I walked away from a destructive relationship, Andrew complained to his roommate about the difficulty of finding a Deaf Christian woman to date. The roommate, a mutual friend of ours, said he had the perfect girl for him to meet, as she was “very religious”. Unconvinced, Andrew held out for a picture, and then proceeded to beg for an introduction.

The day we met was at an awards ceremony, and the poor guy tried so hard to start a conversation with me, but I was focused on the ceremony. Our meet-cute ended with him completely smitten, and me oblivious (a continual theme for the first two years of knowing each other).

The courage to walk away from a destructive relationship.

The desire for a woman to know Andrew’s Deaf heart and share his love for Jesus.

The handprint of God, weaving innocent moments together, bringing Andrew and I together as one.

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"Come Matter Here"

"Come Matter Here"